Donor Recognition Scheme  Donor Recognition Scheme

Student Regular Blood Donation Programme
If student has given the blood at the first-time during the annual school year, he/she will be presented with a souvenir; another souvenir will be presented if he/she has donated blood again during the same school year, in order to encourage more youth's participation in regular blood donation.
First-time blood donation badge
For first time donor, in addition that he/she will receive a donor card, a donor badge bearing the donor's blood type will also be presented to the donor. If the donor gives blood on his/her 16-th year old birthday, he/she will also be presented with a certificate to celebrate this very special and meaningful birthday.

"My First Step" Commemorative Badge
To recruit more new blood donors, we specially present the "My First Step" Commemorative Badge to all new donors to appreciate their first-time blood donation and to encourage their continuous blood donations.

Regular Blood Donation Badge
If donor has donated blood for a specified no. of times during the period from 1 April to 31 March of the following year, he/she will be presented with a regular blood donation badge:-

Youth between the age of 16-18 : 2 times
Female aged 18 and above : 2 times
Male aged 18 and above : 3 times

Donor Award
The BTS will invite donors who have attained cumulative blood donation records of 25 times or its multiples in that year to attend the Annual Donor Award Ceremony as recognition for their long-standing support to give blood.  The record keeper of blood donation in Hong Kong has attained blood donation of over 475 times.

Donation Certificate
If donor has donated blood for 5-times, 10-times, 20-times, he/she will be presented with a Donation Certificate in recognition to his/her continuous contribution.

Blood Donation Promotion activities
During special occasions like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer Vacation and Christmas, etc, the Blood Transfusion Service will present special souvenirs to blood donors in appreciation of their support as well as to encourage their continuing support to give blood.