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Environmental Management

To achieve the goal of sustainable development and environmental protection, the BTS established an environmental management system (EMS) in 2004. The EMS prevents pollution, minimises wastes and reduces resource consumption. Our certification to ISO14001:2004 standard in 2005 demonstrated that the BTS’s environmental management conforms to the requirements of ISO14001 because of its determined commitment to environmental protection.
Meanwhile, we have successfully achieved integrating the ISO14001 Environmental Management System into existing ISO9001/GMP quality management system (QMS) and upgrading to a new Integrated Management System (IMS). The scope has been expended to include Blood Donor Recruitment, Blood and Stem Cell Collection, Testing, Processing, Storage and Supply Services.
Since establishing the EMS, we have conducted regular overall environmental reviews in conjunction with monitoring and corrective actions. ISO14001 certification provides a framework for the BTS in setting new environmental targets every year and in ensuring we meet those targets.

Environmental Management System Certification