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Mobile Donation Service
Looking for a meaningful activity that can benefit both your members and the community for your company/organization? Hosting a blood drive would be just the ticket. Below are just some of the benefits that you may or may not know:
  • More patients can be helped at a time
  • Provide a good mental boost for your employees/ members/students through saving lives
  • Bring people together for a common good cause
  • Cultivate a culture of strong social responsibility within the company / organization / school
  • Set up a good example for other companies / organizations / schools and society at large
The basic requirements for hosting a viable blood drive are as follows:
  • Line up at least 50 eligible donors at any single time (not enough people? Consider planning a group donation at our donor centres)
  • Allocate at least 8 hours (first hour and last hour for setting up and packing respectively, so 6 hours for the actual blood donation service ) at any single time to hold the blood donation event 
  • Provide an indoor air-conditioned, well lit venue of at least 800 square feet that also complies with our Occupational Health & Safety and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards
In order to ensure the suitability of the venue for blood donation, we will conduct a site survey beforehand. Our donor recruitment team would be pleased to guide you through the process and provide all necessary assistance to help you host a successful blood drive.
Due to the time consuming logistics arrangement, at least two-month advanced booking is usually required. If your company, organization or school is interested in organizing a blood drive, please contact us at or call 2710 1282.


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