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Eligibility and Registration
Registration Criteria
  • Good health
  • No known infectious diseases
  • Age 18 to 60
Registration Procedure
  • Register at any one of the 9 blood donor centres   
  • Complete the Marrow Donor Registration Form
  • Undertake a brief health enquiry
  • Donate a blood sample for testing (~5ml)
  • Receive a Donor Card with your HKBMDR donor number
Once registered, your information will be stored in the HKBMDR database. The BTS will help those Hong Kong patients requiring unrelated transplantation search for any potential matched donor in the database.  At the same time, we will cooperate with overseas registry to search for any potential matched donors if needed. If we find you are matched with a patient, we will contact you for further testing. However, you may not be contacted forever if not matched.
Please note that you only need to register once and your information will be kept at the database until you reach age of 60 or you wish to withdraw from our registry.
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