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Iron Supplement Programme

To enhance body iron restoration after blood donation, our nurses would provide free oral iron supplement to you. It is a safe and highly effective supplement. Some mild and limiting side effects are darkening stool, stomach upset or constipation.

To enhance oral iron supplement efficacy, please follow the advice:

  • Take Vitamin C rich food together with iron supplement, it includes guava, kiwi fruit, orange, tomato, etc. to enhance iron absorption.
  • Avoid tea, milk, coffee, antacids and calcium supplements two hours before and after taking iron supplement, those foods would impair iron absorption.
  • Empty stomach is better for iron absorption, while iron supplement may also be taken with food or after meal to reduce side effect likes stomach upset.
  • Increase fiber and fluid intake to relieve constipation. Extend the dosing interval may also work, you may finish the supplement in a month or even longer. Once iron is absorbed, it would be remained in your body.
  • If any intolerable side effect is encountered, you could choose to stop the iron supplement.


Please feel free to contact our nurses for any enquiries.


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