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  賀詞 CongratulatoryMessages
     Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Hong Kong Marrow Match Foundation:
We at the Tzu Chi Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Centre, Hualien, Taiwan, sincerely congratulate your 30th Anniversary for your success and achievement in saving lives of patients with blood borne diseases worldwide. For more than a quarter of a century, your input to rescue patients on the brink of life threatening blood diseases, through providing donated unrelated bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells, is tremendously well done and significant. Your
accountability and efficiency are commendable and respectable by patients, patients’ families and friends and colleagues in the community of international unrelated bone marrow donor registries. Your contribution to raise the public awareness and generosity on donating one’s bone marrow stem cells to save lives is highly honorable and deserves a heartfelt congratulation. We are proud to stand up with you and continue to collaborate with you for the best well-being and benefit of the patients worldwide now and in the everlasting future.
Thank you.
Tzu Chi Bone Marrow Donor Registry Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Centre, Taiwan

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