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  1991-2021 大事回顧   Major Events 2001
“Light Up a New Life” 10th Anniversary Charity Concert.
骨髓基金於6月2日假香港紅磡體育館舉辦「生命 重燃慈善演唱會」,慶賀基金成立十周年,演出 嘉賓包括劉德華先生、李玟小姐等多位歌手。基 金贊助人行政長官夫人董趙洪娉女士出席主禮, 更於演唱會開始前到後台為眾歌手打氣。演唱會 完畢後,眾嘉賓前往美麗華酒店參加了一項簡單 而隆重的慶功宴。 香港電台及無線電視於演唱會後兩星期,為基金 舉行電話籌款節目,將先前錄影的演唱會片段在 電視及電台播放,成功為基金帶來接近一百萬的 善款。
To celebrate the Foundation’s 10th anniversary, the “Light Up a New Life” Charity Concert was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 2nd June. The concert featured many artists including Mr Andy Lau and Ms Coco Lee. The Guest of Honour was the Foundation’s Patron, Mrs Betty Tung. She visited and cheered the artists at the backstage before the show. A celebration dinner for the artists and the organizers was held at the Hotel Miramar after the show.
Two weeks later, RTHK and TVB broadcast a recorded version of the show in the form of a fund-raising telethon. The combined events raised nearly $1 million for the Foundation.

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