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「 生命重燃骨髓捐贈驗血大行動 」、「齊心摺紙燃希望」 工作坊及「阿虫賀年掛飾」義賣。
“Hope for Life” Bone Marrow Donor Recruitment Campaign, “Origami” Workshop and “Ah Chung” Chinese New Year Decorations Charity Sale.
骨髓基金聯同蘋果日報慈善基金,於1月4及5日假沙田新 城市廣場羅馬圓形獻技場舉行「生命重燃骨髓捐贈驗血大 行動」,為有需要的血病患者尋找合適骨髓作移植。他們的 生命雖危在旦夕,但從未放棄,因為他們相信「活著就是 希望」。
另外,骨髓基金舉行「齊心摺紙燃希望」工作坊,鼓勵小朋友 和家長一起參與。活動中,市民與血病患者同心協力砌出一個 8呎高的巨型孔雀,代表對血癌病人的鼓勵和支持。大會於場 內限量發售由著名畫家「阿虫」設計的賀年掛飾作慈善義賣。 籌得的善款用作驗血之用,為病者帶來「生命重燃」的希望。
HKMMF and the Apple Daily Charitable Foundation staged a large-scale “Hope for Life” Donor Recruitment Campaign on 4th and 5th January at the New Town Plaza in Shatin. Although patients suffering serious blood diseases were at risk of losing their lives, they never gave up because they believed that “living is hope”.
To educate the public about bone marrow donation, the “Origami” Workshop was organized for children and their parents to participate together. They and patients with blood diseases worked together to build up a 8-feet tall peacock, signifying the encouragement and support to blood disease patients. In addition, a charity sale of Chinese New Year Decorations donated by “Ah Chung”, a famous local artist, was held at the same time to raise fund to support blood testing of bone marrow donors.

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