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骨髓基金於8月28日假美麗華酒店 舉辦午宴及展覽慶祝基金成立二十 周年。並藉此讓過去20年來無私奉 獻的骨髓捐贈者聚首一堂。宴會更 於香港電台網站直播。
To celebrate the “HKMMF 20th anniversary”, a celebration lunch and an exhibition were held at the Mira Hong Kong on 28th August. All donors who donated bone marrow in the past 20 years were invited to attend the event which was also webcast on RTHK website (
出版「生命重燃緣因有您」 香港骨髓捐贈基金成立二十周年紀念特刋。 Published “Light up a New Life”
HKMMF 20th Anniversary Commemorate Book.
何建時博士出版 “Matched for Life - The Story of
the Hong Kong Marrow Match Foundation”
Dr. Brian R Hawkins published “Matched for Life -
The Story of the Hong Kong Marrow Match Foundation”
Bone Marrow Donor Award Ceremony.
骨髓基金成立及發展二十周 年特輯於9月24日晚上7時 30分至8時正於無線電視 翡翠台播出。
A TV programme “Light up a New Life” for HKMMF 20th anniversary celebration was broadcast at 19:30-20:00 hours on 24th September at TVB Jade Channel.
                                  「骨髓捐贈者嘉許禮」於11月26日假美麗華酒店舉行,由食物及衞生局局長周一嶽醫生頒發獎項予 37位捐贈者。周局長更呼籲市民踴躍登記捐贈骨髓,讓病人多一分機會獲得醫治。嘉許禮當天亦安 排了一對骨髓捐贈者及受髓者首次會面。該項活動由骨髓基金全力支持。
HKBMDR organized the “Bone Marrow Donor Award Ceremony” at the Mira Hong Kong on 20th November to recognize 37 donors. Dr York Chow, the Secretary for Food and Health, presented awards to the donors and appealed to the public to register for bone marrow donation to give patients more chances of finding matched bone marrow. One bone marrow donor and recipient pair was arranged to meet each other for the first time at the Ceremony. The event was fully supported by the HKMMF.

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