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             2015 09
Bone Marrow Donor Award Ceremony.
「骨髓捐贈者嘉許禮」於9月12日假The One 煌府舉行,由食物及衞生局局長高永文醫生頒 發獎項予71位捐贈者。高永文醫生致辭時表揚 骨髓捐贈者無私奉獻的精神及慷慨的捐贈,亦 藉此呼籲市民踴躍登記捐贈骨髓,給予更多病 人新的希望。嘉許禮當天亦安排了兩對香港骨 髓捐贈者及受髓者首次會面。
HKBMDR organized the “Bone Marrow Donor Award Ceremony” at The Palace The One on 12th September to recognize 71 donors. Dr Ko Wing Man, the Secretary for Food and Health, praised bone marrow donors for their selfless contributions and generous donations. In appreciating bone marrow donors, he urged more people to register for bone marrow donation to bring hopes to more patients. Two Hong Kong bone marrow donor and recipient pairs were arranged to meet each other for the first time at the Ceremony.
造血幹細胞服務團隊被評為醫院管理局2016年 傑出團隊之一。
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Service was selected as one of the 2016 outstanding teams in the Hospital Authority.

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