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Autologous Transfusion

1. Transfusion of one's own blood.

Red blood cells can be kept under refrigeration for 28 to 42 days. Patients undergoing elective surgery may donate blood and reserve it for their own use in the 3 to 5 weeks' period prior to the scheduled operation date.

2. Why should I go for autologous transfusion?
  • You will receive perfectly compatible blood.
  • Prevent immunization against blood components.
  • There will be no allergic reaction.
  • Eliminate the risk of viral transmission.
3. Am I eligible for autologous transfusion?

YES if -

  • You are medically fit to give blood. 
  • You are scheduled to undergo surgery in no less than 4 weeks' time, preferably   in 6 weeks' time. 
  • Your doctor anticipates transfusion need in the operation.
4. What should I do?

Consult your doctor if you are interested.

5. What happens if I am not eligible?

Blood from other donors will be made available to you. The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service takes voluntary blood donation and all persons coming forward to give blood are carefully screened before they are accepted as blood donors. The blood collected is subjected to a series of stringent tests including syphilis, hepatitis B, C, HTLV-1 and the HIV viruses and must pass all these tests before it is issued to hospitals. With the implementation of Nucleic Acid Test Technology (NAT) to screen donated blood for HIV, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV),  the window period for detecting HIV, HCV and HBV at an early stage has been significantly reduced, further decreasing the risk of contracting HIV, HCV and HBV through blood transfusion to 1 per million,  1 per 5 million and 1 per eleven thousand donations respectively.

For further information, please call Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Telephone No.: 2710 1333 during office hour or enquire by email.