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Matching & Donation Logistics

1.  Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing of volunteer donors are put into HKBMDR   database

2. Physician in-charge or Transplant Center submits preliminary search request for patient who requires transplantation

3. Computer Search

4. Potential matched donors are identified and available *

5. Follow-up blood test of donors if required

6. Confirmatory test

7. Confirmed donor is highly/completely matched with patient

8. Information session is given by HKBMDR and Collection Center Physician

9. Enquires answered

10. Agree for donation

11. Body check of donor

12. Decide on mode of donation

13. Passed body check / eligible for donation

14. Patient is stable and fit enough to undergo transplantation

15. Schedule donation date

16. Confirm donation arrangement

*  If potential matched donors cannot be identified in Hong Kong, HKBMDR will contact the overseas registries to request a search for potential donors.

All the search request must be submitted and referred from hospital to HKBMDR. HKBMDR will undergo a computer search for matched donors. Under normal circumstances, several blood tests may b required before a highly matched or full matched donors be identified. If the patients and their family members wish to know the search progress, they are advised to contact their doctor in-charge.