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Group/ Mobile Donation Service

Group/ Mobile Donation Service

It is more fun to donate blood together than alone.  Accompanying someone who have never given blood to make their first donation is also very meaningful. The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) welcomes all of you to invite your family and friends or your co-workers  to  give blood as a group and share the joy of helping others. Besides visiting any donor centre, appointment service is available for those who are interested in group donation providing at least 3 people are involved. We will arrange a date and time according to the number of donors participating and the operation of the donor centres; we may need to assign a number of time-slots to donation groups with 15 or more participants in order to minimize the effect on normal operation. We will provide attractive photography props for the groups to take picutres with and present them with a commemorative certificate.

Making a Group Donation Appointment or Booking a Mobile Collection Team?
  • The number of eligible  donors from your organization or group is  at least  50 people? 
  • Your organization or group can provide an indoor venue of at least 800 square feet that also complies with our Occupational Health & Safety and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards?
  • If your anwer is no to either of the above question, you should go for a group donation rather than booking our mobile collection team.
Benefits of Group Donation
  • Appointment service is available for group donors.
  • Participants can encourage each other and share the joy of giving help
  • Participants can show their support for the donor centre in their district they live in.
  • One single donation can save three to four lives.  Imagine how many more people could be saved with a group of people!
  • Application
How to join Group Donation

You are required to submit the completed “Group Donation Application Form” by fax to 2780 4151 or directly to any donor centre at least 14 days in advance. We will make arrangements by considering the number of participants involved and the operation of the donor centre(s) concerned. For groups with more than 15 participants, a number of time-slots may be required to for the donor centre(s) to cope with the amount of donors.

Please send your e-mail to or call 27101333 for more details or enquiries on group donation service.


On the Group Donation day 

Every participant is required to visit the donor centre(s) in the designated time-slot. Please do not swarm the donor centre(s) at the same time.  Also, please be reminded that participants have to hand in the name list of the group or “Individual Donor Registration From” to the nursing staff during health screening.

Mobile Donation Service

Looking for a meaningful activity that can benefit both your members and the community for your company/organization? Hosting a blood drive would be just the ticket. Below are just some of the benefits that you may or may not know:

  • More patients can be helped at a time
  • Provide a good mental boost for your employees/ members/students through saving lives
  • Bring people together for a common good cause
  • Cultivate a culture of strong social responsibility within the company / organization / school
  • Set up a good example for other companies / organizations / schools and society at large

The basic requirements for hosting a viable blood drive are as follows:

  • Line up at least 50 eligible donors at any single time (not enough people? Consider planning a group donation at our donor centres)
  • Allocate at least 8 hours (first hour and last hour for setting up and packing respectively, so 6 hours for the actual blood donation service ) at any single time to hold the blood donation event 
  • Provide an indoor air-conditioned, well lit venue of at least 800 square feet that also complies with our Occupational Health & Safety and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards

In order to ensure the suitability of the venue for blood donation, we will conduct a site survey beforehand. Our donor recruitment team would be pleased to guide you through the process and provide all necessary assistance to help you host a successful blood drive.

Due to the time consuming logistics arrangement, at least two-month advanced booking is usually required. If your company, organization or school is interested in organizing a blood drive, please contact us at or call 2710 1333.

Image: The twin sisters participated the blood drive held by their school.