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Negative Blood Donor Programme

Be Positive About Being Negative
Image: Be positive about being negative. Let's donate blood!


To recruit people with Rhesus negative blood as regular donors, ensuring an adequate and safe blood supply in Hong Kong.


The Rhesus (Rh) blood group system is another important blood group system after ABO. The Rhesus factor is a protein that is present (or absent) on the surface of red blood cells. People who have the Rhesus factor are considered to have a “positive” blood type and those don’t are considered to have a “negative” blood type, while negative blood causes no harm to your health.

Only 1 in 370 Chinese typed are Rh negative. A person with Rhesus negative blood cannot receive positive blood. Since it is relatively rare, it is vital the Blood Transfusion Service maintains sufficient stocks of negative blood to ensure supply. Furthermore, Rhesus positive patients can receive negative blood: O negative is known as the Universal Donor as it is compatible with all blood groups. This makes O Negative very special and widely used, especially in an emergency when minutes count.

Your family members may also have this negative blood type

Blood groups are inherited, so it is possible that other members of your family, especially siblings, may have the same blood type. We strongly encourage you to invite your family members to donate blood and bring along the invitation card enclosed to our blood donor centres or call us at 27101202 to make an appointment.