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Blood Donation Precautionary Measures in Response to COVID-19 【Updated on 5 Jan 2023】

The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) has established policies to ensure blood safety. BTS regularly reviews the blood donation eligibility criteria based on the latest information about the COVID-19. The following updates on precautionary measures are implemented with immediate effect (5 Jan 2023).


Who had contracted COVID-19 

Member of the public who had contracted COVID-19 (confirmed positive via rapid antigen test / nucleic acid test) should deferred from blood donation for a minimum of 14 days, depending on their symptoms and recovery. The prospective donor(s) should also have completed all government requirements including quarantine, isolation and follow-up testing(s) before donation.  

Member of public who had contracted COVID-19 and was symptomatic, should be deferred for 14 days after complete recovery;

Member of public who had contracted COVID-19 and was asymptomatic, should be deferred for 14 days after the date of the last positive test result;


Who had close contact with confirmed/suspected case 

Member of public who had close contact with a confirmed / suspected COVID-19 case, commonly defined as household close contact, should be deferred for 5 days.


Who had traveled outside Hong Kong recently

  Member of the public who had traveled outside Hong Kong recently are strongly advised to come to donate blood after completing all advisory post-arrival RATs by the HKSAR government.

(Except for those coming from countries or regions with potential risk of infectious diseases that different periods of deferral for blood donation may apply. For details:  Information on Deferral. )


The above arrangements are made with careful assessment and thorough consideration of associated risks on blood safety by the Hospital Authority (BTS) Expert Panel on Blood and Blood Products Safety. Expert Panel shall remain vigilant and work closely with relevant departments to monitor the latest development, and to timely review related measures. 

Meanwhile, all blood donors are reminded that if they develop the symptoms of fever, respiratory tract infection or pneumonia after blood donation, they should seek medical advice and inform the healthcare staff of BTS (During office hours: 2710 1333; Outside office hours: 2710 1234) as soon as possible.