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Service Scope

Blood Collection - Interested members of the public may give blood at our Donor Centres, Mobile Vehicles or Mobile Sessions.

Donor Recruitment - Donor recruitment is an important part of our service. Voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors are needed every day for patients requiring medical treatment. Mobile blood donation sessions are organized daily at the premises of Government departments, educational institutes, commercial corporations, religious organisations, and social groups to ensure this demand is always met in full.

Blood Tests - To ensure the safety of all blood recipients, all blood collected is tested for :Hepatitis B surface antigen and DNA, Hepatitis C antibodies and RNA, T pallidum antibodies, HIV antibodies and RNA and HTLV-1 antibodies.   Each platelet concentrate prepared is tested for the presence of bacteria before release for clinical use.

Supply of Blood and Blood Components - About 400,000 units of blood components are supplied to patients in Hong Kong hospitals each year.

Supply of Plasma Derivatives - Some of the plasma from donors are fractionated to produce quality plasma derivatives for Hong Kong patients’ use. These products include Human Albumin Solution, Intravenous Immunoglobulin, Factor IX Fraction and Factor VIII Concentrates.

Publicity and Education - Community activities and promotions are held regularly to enable the public to learn more about the importance of blood and to become regular donors.

  • Development of Transfusion Service 
  • Apheresis Donation
  • Cord Blood Bank
  • Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry
  • Autologous Transfusion
  • ISO9001/ ISO14001/ISO45001 Integrated Quality- Environmental-OH&S Management System
  • New Technology
Image: The Blood Donation Vehicle and serving team