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  • Image: BTS 70th Anniversary
  • Image: Historical photo of BTS 70th Anniversary
  • Image: Be Part of The Life-saving Team
  • Image: Precautionary measures amid pandemic
  • Image: Precautionary measures: Health Screening
  • Image: Precautionary measures: Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Image: Precautionary measures: Social Distancing
  • Image: Group Donation
  • Image: Blood Donation Vehicle
  • Image: Scout Blood Donation Activities
  • Image: Blood Donation at University Campus
  • Image: Mobile Blood Drives
  • Image: Give Blood Saves Lives
Blood Inventory
5-6 days Low
7-8 days Acceptable
5-6 days Low
5-6 days Low
No. of Blood Collection the day before yesterday 520 units
(Daily collection target 650 )
Data update date: 2022-06-30