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Donor Screening

The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service is committed to providing safe blood and blood products to those in need. To protect your health as a blood donor and also the safety of recipients of blood, it is vital that every person's suitability to donate is checked on each occasion by filling in the Blood Donation Registration Form  . If you would like to know more about the Health History Enquiry in Blood Donation, please click here.

The design of Blood Donation Registration Form is in accordance of international practices. The questions on the Blood Donation Registration Form cover your present and past health (including medication and other forms of medical treatment) to ensure that you are fit to be a blood donor. It is of vital importance that you provide a truthful reply to each of the questions. Information disclosed by you will be kept strictly confidential. The BTS regrets to have to defer people who cannot meet the requirement for blood donation.

Also, questions about your life style will be asked as some sexually transmitted diseases can also affect blood safety. Any person who is at risk of such diseases as a result of engaging in unsafe sex or has multiple sex partners should not give blood.

If you are uncertain about the answers to any questions, please consult our staff on duty.

DO NOT give blood if you suspect your blood carries a potential risk of transmitting an infection to a patient who may receive your blood.

DO NOT give blood for the purpose of blood testing. This is ineffective, as one may be infected and still have a negative blood result.

For free AIDS testing, please call 2780 2211.