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Recognitions and Awards

Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2016

The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) has been recognised with the Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2016 - Non profit-making organization organized by Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association. The presentation ceremony was held on 22.11.2016. Dr C K Lee, Chief Executive and Medical Director has the honour of representing the BTS to receive the award.

Asian Hospital Management Award

The Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) achieved recognition for its constant faith and commitment to the pursuit of service excellence by winning the Asian Hospital Management Award 2002 (The Special Award Category) in September 2002. This was from among the 92 first-class projects from 33 hospitals in 11 countries vying for the prestigious award. The aim of the award is to recognize and promote best hospital management practice in the region. The BTS is committed to continuing to build upon the established foundation of Total Quality Management in order to realize its vision and mission for a world-class operation in the future.

Environmental Protection Award
Gold Waste-Wise Logo award

In line with global trend in sustainable development in blood industry, the BTS also recognizes its corporate social responsibility to care for the environment by Eco-manufacturing approach adopting 4R Principles of Waste Reduction ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace ) throughout manufacturing processes where appropriate. In the past years, the environmental targets achieved under 4-R principles included significant reduction in electricity, fresh water and paper consumption; the collected quantities of waste PCV plastic bags, plastic bottles and paper matters from manufacturing and unpacking were also significant. From 2003 to 2008 for consecutive five years, the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong has commended the BTS with the Gold Waste-Wise Logo award for our continuing effort and contributions within the environmental areas in local business industries.

Hong Kong Green Organization

In 2019, the BTS has been recognized as “Hong Kong Green Organization”.

Class of Excellence Waste-wise Label

In 2020, BTS attained Excellence Level Wastewise Certificate which is the most prestigious recognition in the scheme.

Image: Excellence Waste-wise level
Excellence Waste-wise level
Image: Hong Kong Green Organization
Hong Kong Green Organization