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Appeal for blood donations as stocks run low

Appeal for blood donations as stocks run low

     ​The spokesperson for the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) today (December 2) announced that blood inventories have been depleted to a very low level, with only three to four days' stock remaining. Notwithstanding the long-term impact of the epidemic as well as the abrupt change of weather, daily blood collection remains unstable and has been unable to meet the daily target for the past two weeks. Moreover, the demand for blood is especially keen during the winter surge. Therefore, the BTS urgently appeals to the public to donate blood to replenish blood inventories for clinical transfusions to patients in need.

     The BTS targets to collect about 650 units of blood daily to meet the need of all hospitals across the city. Some critical illnesses and emergency operations rely on a sufficient blood supply to facilitate clinical transfusions. An unstable blood supply might affect the treatment of patients needing prolonged blood transfusions and even threaten the lives of patients. For example, patients with thalassaemia major require regular blood transfusions and injections to sustain their lives. An insufficient blood supply would hinder blood transfusion treatments for patients in need.

     Yin (pseudonym) is diagnosed with thalassaemia major. As thalassaemia major patients cannot produce enough haemoglobin on their own, Yin relies on lifelong blood transfusion therapy to survive. His mother is worried that the depletion of blood inventories might affect blood transfusions for Yin. "As the parent of a thalassaemia major patient, I am worried there is an insufficient blood supply to support transfusion treatments for thalassaemia major patients. Amid the current situation of the epidemic, I am well aware of the drop in blood collection. Please come to donate blood and save lives."

     The BTS invites the public to come forward and give blood now for a timely replenishment of inventories for patients in need. The public is advised to make an appointment by contacting BTS donor centres via the Donor Web Portal ( or "HK Blood" mobile app.